What to Wear to Work When it’s Hot

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Would you wear an interview suit to the beach? No, right? Because it would be  inappropriate. So why do some women think it’s ok to wear beachwear to work?
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It’s All in the Eyes–Always Saying Something (P4)

They say that a sure-fire way to tell if someone is lying to you is that they can’t look you in the eye. I say, these people haven’t met very many good liars! It takes a certain amount of confidence to lie and boldly look someone in eye while doing so, (which is how the myth probably started to begin with) but while looking someone in the eye does not indicate with certainty that they should be believed or trusted, it does convey that they believe what they are saying and that they want you to believe them as well. We can all learn a lesson from these liars.

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We Are Always Saying Something (P2)–Your Handshake

Last week, in WAASS Part I, I blogged about offering a genuine smile and what our smile communicates about us. I also discussed the importance of being congruent– sending out the messages that we truly mean to send in everything that we do. Today, I’d like to discuss a behavior that makes the short-list of one of my top 10 pet peeves–a weak handshake.

If it’s one thing that annoys me, it’s a weak, limp finger-touch “handshake”–the kind where the person lightly and quickly holds your fingers as if they (or you) have a communicable disease that they are afraid of spreading (or getting). I can’t stand it!

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We Are Always Saying Something–Your Smile (P1)

Did you know that you are always saying something even when you’re not saying anything at all? You may have heard this before,  “We can’t NOT communicate” and it is a fact.  What this means is whether we are speaking or not, we are always saying something. We speak with our body language, our facial expressions, our dress, our gestures, our possesions–everything about us is saying something about us and who we are every minute of the day. The question is, what are you saying? And more importantly, is it what you want to say about yourself?

What does your smile say?

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The Ultimate To-Do List

Anyone who shares advice on organization, effective planning  or time management who does not advocate creating some type of to-do list should be regarded with suspicion. Can we get along without one? Sure, but it just isn’t possible to be as effective or efficient as we can be without one. There are tons of books, blogs and podcasts on the various ways to do this. Too many to review. Just this weekend, I checked out all of the new apps available on the iPhone for creating a To-do list. Even with the plethora of apps and organizational planning tools  and systems out there, the method I prefer to use is what I call TBT–The Big Three– a great strategy for pen and paper or electronic device–which is always  good.


No matter which additional system of list-making you choose to employ, you absolutely MUST incorporate this strategy if you would like to take your daily productivity to the next level.

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