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Happy School Year!

For many of us, September marks the start of the “new year” as much as January does. September not only signals, “back-to-school” but it signals “back to reality”! –Time to put away the summer dresses, shorts and sandals and pull out the pullovers, cardigans and pumps as these carefree, lazy days begin to take on a more serious note.

Maybe it’s the teacher or the perpetual student in me, but one of the best things I love about September is the feeling of “newness” that it creates—a clean slate—fresh lined paper and ink-gel pens to write down all of my new ideas. It’s a chance to get our goals in order and start making plans for the year ahead. Wouldn’t you agree?

In the spirit of the season, I’ve written a 5 day series of blog articles entitled Get Back to Business.”

The series is designed to get you thinking, planning and preparing for a successful “new year” whether you are returning to school, or work (or simply carrying on with your life) with a renewed sense of commitment and focus.

For 5 days, I will challenge you to reset your goals, reboot your motivation and renew your focus to get in gear for the unofficial start of the new year.

 Are you ready?

The 5 day series is scheduled to start Wednesday August 25th and to end on August 31st just in time for you to start September 1st feeling fresh and focused! To further ensure that you will have all the motivation that you will need to be successful, we will wrap up our 5 day series with a 25 minute mini-conference call to harness our collective power and share our plans for greatness on Thursday September 1st at 7:30 pm. (more details on the way)

The series will be posted daily on my blog (in writing and audio) at, but if you sign up you will receive it straight to your email box so you won’t have to remember to visit the site everyday. By signing up for the series, you will also be stating to the universe that this year will be different because you are committed to your success and giving yourself that little extra boost of accountability…

so go ahead and click here to sign up:

Let’s Get Back to Business




Do You Love You? [From the Archives]

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So last Sunday night I’m sitting in the living room watching a movie about a woman who is in love and having an affair with a man who is married to someone else. He tells this woman that he is “breaking up” with his wife in a few months and as soon as he does, he will marry her and they will live happily ever after. He says this every time he rolls out of her bed and kisses her good-bye.

Umm…ok, has anyone ever heard this before?

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