Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind

July 1, 2011 by  
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The thoughts you associate with food can actually determine whether or not you lose weight or gain weight. Click here to listen to today’s audioblog on: How Changing the Way Your Think About Food Can Help You Lose Weight


One Response to “Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind”
  1. Shirley James says:

    I am truly blessed having a coach like Ms. N*Powered. Since she started Fitness Fridays I have become so empowered that food is no longer my comfort zone. I place my mind on other enjoyable things in my life and so food has become secondary. I watch my portions, what I eat and when. I am not dieting and no longer eat what the food pundits say. I eat to be healthy and to be happy. I have shed 8 pounds since the program started.