B2B–Day 2–Make Room for More

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I have spent a good portion of time this summer cleaning out my closets and clearing away a lot of clutter in my life. I gave a ton of clothing, shoes, handbags and coats to charity. One of my good friends who helped me out said, “That’s so nice and generous of you.”  When I thought about it, I had to admit that while it was “nice & generous” to donate it all to charity my intentions weren’t 100% altruistic.

Don’t feel like reading? That’s ok. Click here to listen: [audio:http://be-remarkable.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Day-2-Make-Room-For-More.mp3|titles=Day 2–Make Room For More]

Let me explain…..

I love donating to those in need and am indeed a strong advocate of charitable giving, but I also believe wholeheartedly in the power of “making space” to receive. You cannot and will not get “more” in your life if you have no place to put it! Did you hear what I said? Let me say it again: You cannot and will not get more in your life if you have no place to put it. That goes for everything. The stuff you can touch and the stuff you can feel—lipstick or love; handbags or happiness. You have to have somewhere to put it all when you get it–in your closet or in your heart. If you have too much stuff, you won’t have room for more and this is what some refer to as “blocking your blessings.” So truth be told, I gave all that stuff away to be kind and generous, but I also gave it away with the intention of making room for what is the on the way!

Clean out Your Closets

I know there are some things in your physical and mental “closets” that you need to get rid of because we all do. For whatever reason you may be holding on to it—nostalgia, sentimental, can’t-get-over-it reasons—you need to let it go. Take it out, look at it, remember the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories, associated with it and then toss it! That’s right, get rid of that bad boy. If it’s not something that you can keep as an heirloom, or sell for a profit on Antique Road Show one day, throw it out. If it is just taking up room in your closet, it has to go. If it is something still in good enough condition that someone else can benefit from, by all means donate it to charity. But, bottom line, you need to part with it.

So often we hold on to things that keep us back mentally and keep us trapped in a certain time,  place or mental space that we need to leave behind—whether that be that 90’s or early 2000’s sweater that used to fit (and will again one day) or a relationship that only causes us to regress and act in ways that are not beneficial to us. The key is to realize it and then release it. Doing so allows you to make some space for the new “stuff” you will receive once you have created some room to showcase your new “acquisitions.” Stop blocking your blessings by keeping a lot of old, unnecessary and no longer relevant junk.

That goes for knick-knacks and people too. It may sound harsh, but some people have to be tossed out or “donated” as well. Individuals in our lives who do nothing to improve or contribute to our happiness or well-being only serve to do what? That’s right, subtract from it. They, unfortunately, have to be popped onto the “Discard” pile. Toxic friends, Negative Nellies, Constant Complainers, Only When You Need Me’s, Bad News Boyfriends and Girlfriends—gotta go.

When you eliminate these people from your life, you make room for individuals who actually serve to enhance your existence–who bring out your best and allow you to shine. Sometimes we are afraid to let these people go because we fear that someone will go digging through our garbage and scoop them up. We need to stop it! We need to realize when things and people “don’t fit” us anymore that they might be a good fit for someone else. This is nature’s way of recycling. Maybe someone else might want what we had if we decide to part with it, but we have to keep in mind that while it once was a good fit or served a purpose for us at one time, we cannot deny ourselves the opportunity of finding a newer, better “fitting” (benefitting) possession or person for who we are NOW!

This year, let the clearing begin! Vow to get rid of some of your old junk to make space for your new blessings.


Today’s Task:

Start cleaning out your “closets” today. Decide to get rid of at least one or two things that are taking up “space” in your life. Without mentioning names, share with us what you are going to get rid of to make room for your “more” this year.

Know someone who has some stuff they can get rid of, send them this post as a gentle push to get started cleaning and clearing.


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6 Responses to “B2B–Day 2–Make Room for More”
  1. Judy says:

    I am a hoarder. I always convince myself that with a little dicipline I will fit into the dress, skirt, sweater of jeans that I is just sitting in my closet….well 10 years later they still don’t fit and still I hesitate to get rid of it.

    The advice to make room for new stuff is truly sound. Sunday night is garbage night so I will but out those 70’s and 80’s stuff that I know deep down will never again fit.

  2. Arlene says:

    Yes. Cleaning out the closet for me is like uncluttering my life and putting things in perspective. Last summer I made a huge donation to Goodwill and this year I made a donation overseas.

  3. Charlene says:

    Sound advice indeed! Closets have been cleared out (just two weeks ago) now it is time to clear the mind and heart to recieve some good blessings. Don’t know how I am going to accomplish that just yet but an effort will be made.

    • Nicolette James says:

      It’s ok that you don’t know how yet, at least you know where you are going to put them!

  4. Amrita says:

    My mom has taught me and my siblings to always give back and declutter our lives, I spent plenty of time this summer cleaning out my closets. Great advice.