Meet the Week Like You Know It’s Coming

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Hey everybody!

I hope you enjoyed your  weekend! Here we are: Happy Monday!(Sorry this wasn’t out earlier today)

We all  know it’s coming every seven days –Monday morning– and we also know that once the week starts it’s hard to sit down to plan anything because we’re usually so caught up in the events and activities of each day that we don’t have time to think. Before we know it, it’s Friday and we’re wondering where the week went along with all the things we wanted to accomplish.

This endless cycle of simply dealing with the events of the day as they come up is like being on a hamster wheel and unless we decide to get off of it, it’s easy to keep running. So, how do we stop the approaching the week like a visitor who we didn’t know it was coming ?

How do we plan for greater efficiency, productivity and success?

This week, I’ll be sharing  a few easy-to-implement strategies that will help you get a better start on your week. Putting them in place will give you more time to spend doing the things you enjoy resulting in a more productive and happy life.

Insight for the week: Most of what we do each day are things we do each day. Plan and prepare for those things so you are better able to deal with the unexpected.

Strategy #1: Schedule all events,  activities, and important tasks  for the week.

On Sunday night, take a moment to sit down, pull out your calendar and look ahead. Take note of all the events and plans that you have for the upcoming week. Is there anything that you need to remember–a meeting or workshop on Tuesday? A presentation that you have to make on Wednesday? A paper or report due Thursday? A get-together on Friday night?  If you have to do it, make it, show up for it or participate in it–schedule it. Get it out of your head and onto a calendar of some sort. If it’s not a commitment, don’t write it down. This will help you think critically about the things  you want to commit to. If it is a commitment and you schedule it, you must honor it. I use Google calendar because it allows you to log events as well as tasks and you can go crazy customizing all different kinds of calendars, but a simple date book and to do list works just as well.

Why keep information that can be stored elsewhere in the limited space of our short-term memory? Not only does scheduling our lives and noting it somewhere free your mind and enable to better attend to our immediate activities knowing that we won’t forget what we have to do or where we have to go, but it also allows us to implement another life enhancing  planning strategy. Wanna  find out what it is? Check in on Wednesday!

See you then! In the meantime….

Be Remarkable!










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