7 Ways to Eat Less Without Feeling Hungry

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Whenever we try to cut back on our caloric intake, we often feel hungry. If you have been regularly overeating, your body is expecting to continue to receive the same calorie range  it has been used to. The trick to maintaining your weight or losing weight is helping your body make the transition to existing on fewer calories without it really noticing. Ok, so how do you do that?


1)   Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Hungry

Start each day with a healthy breakfast and follow it with smaller portions, eaten more often. When you break your daily meals into five or six small portions, eaten regularly throughout the day, your body has food before it expects it and does not send out the hunger signal. Eat small portions every few hours to keep hunger at bay. The additional benefit of doing that is you keep your metabolism burning consistently instead of sporadically turning it off and on. Think of your metabolism like a fire burning under a pot of water. If you want to the water(fat) to boil as quickly as possible, you’ll keep the burner on high. If you just want to warm the water, you could turn down the fire. We don’t want warm water. We want boiling—all day. Keep that fire turned up on high by eating every few hours and not allowing it to simmer down. Think boil the water out of the pot!


2)   Don’t Eat at Bedtime

Eat your last meal or snack approximately 2-3 hours before bedtime. Give your body a chance to begin digesting your food before turning in for the night. It may take you a few nights to adjust to this pattern (I know it took me a while), but you will benefit in the long term. To stick with my previous analogy, calories that come into our bodies when the “stove” is off don’t burn off. They stay on the stove in the form of extra pounds.


3)   Skip the Sugary Drinks

If you regularly consume one or more soft drinks every day or other high calorie fructose laden juices, you are drinking a lot of your calories. The same goes for lattes and smoothies. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to help eliminate the toxins produced when your body burns fat. If you don’t like water, try brewing tea or Crystal Light. Drinking sugary drinks triggers an insulin response and causes hunger. Save the calories for your actual food. Would you prefer to eat a bag of popcorn (100 calories) or drink 6oz of fruit punch?


4)   Eat Your Vegetables First

The vegetables are the most nutritious part of the meal and are usually the lowest in calories. Start your meal by filling up on high fiber vegetables. They should be the largest portion of food on your plate. Then eat less of the calorie dense carbs or proteins. Also try to go easy on the bread and added fats.


5)   Maximize Your Leftovers

It is normal to have leftovers from eating out. Standard restaurant meals are larger in portion than we should consume in one meal. Eat only half of the meal and save the remainder for the next day. You’ll eat less and enjoy a great meal twice. I love eating my leftovers in the comfort of my own home the next day when everyone else is back to eating something they’d probably prefer not to.


6)   Savor Your Meals

Eat slowly and enjoy what you eat whenever you eat. The faster you eat, the more calories you will consume because you are most likely eating on autopilot. Give your body time to catch up and tell you when you’ve had enough. Enjoy the meal and satisfy the hunger of your body and your mind at the same time.


 7)   Eat Your Favorite Foods

When you get a craving for one of your favorite foods, have a little. Don’t deny yourself by never eating the things you really want to eat. Sometimes when you try to substitute a different food (or a healthier food) for the sake of your diet, you may end up eating far more without satisfying the craving or simply going nuts on the food you are craving when you finally get your hands on it. If the craving is for a specific food, you will satisfy it better by eating a controlled portion and counting the calories in your daily allowance. I have recently discovered these awesome mini ice-cream cakes by Dunkin Donuts. They are just the right size to satisfy a craving without going overboard.


Whether your hunger is physiological or psychological, when you follow these tips, you are in control of it instead of it being in control of you.

Do you have any other tips you follow that help you eat healthfully without feeling hungry? Share them with us in the comment box below.


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    Special k has vanilla and chocolate cereal bars great on the go day starter with yogurt.