The Ultimate To-Do List

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Anyone who shares advice on organization, effective planning  or time management who does not advocate creating some type of to-do list should be regarded with suspicion. Can we get along without one? Sure, but it just isn’t possible to be as effective or efficient as we can be without one. There are tons of books, blogs and podcasts on the various ways to do this. Too many to review. Just this weekend, I checked out all of the new apps available on the iPhone for creating a To-do list. Even with the plethora of apps and organizational planning tools  and systems out there, the method I prefer to use is what I call TBT–The Big Three– a great strategy for pen and paper or electronic device–which is always  good.


No matter which additional system of list-making you choose to employ, you absolutely MUST incorporate this strategy if you would like to take your daily productivity to the next level.


TBT is amazingly simple. All you do is  list the three things you absolutely MUST do on that particular day. Not three things that you’d like to do, might enjoy doing, can imagine yourself doing if you had more time or money, could or should have someone else do, should have done last week and still haven’t gotten around to it….you get the picture. This list must only include the 3 three things that you HAVE TO DO THIS VERY DAY. If you can do it tomorrow, it shouldn’t go on this list. This list is only for to-do’s that have to be done TODAY.  That includes people you need to contact or speak with, things that must be purchased or repaired, and anything else that has to happen that day. It if makes it to the list, it has  to happen–TODAY!


The rationale  behind this strategy is simple: We don’t have time to accomplish a million things in a day, so don’t set yourself up for failure by writing out these super long laundry lists of to-dos. Set yourself up for success and then be successful. You stand a much a better chance at accomplishing three things–three things  than thirteen things. In addition, the three things you list are  those that MUST be done, three things that you can proudly cross off on your list, three things that you set out to do and actually did by the end of the day not just a bunch of insignificant minutiae that somehow made its way onto the list just so you can cross it off (Lol…I’ve done that too and that’s  cheating)  Doing the big stuff–That’s success! Doing what you intended to do is  success;  and success begets success. The more successful you are, the more successful you are!


Listing only  three things doesn’t mean that you can  or will only do three things, but it does mean that the three things you’ve committed to do  are the most important, the most time-consuming or the most time-sensitive. When you have done the Big Three, you’ve completed 100% of what you planned. That is an awesome confidence booster. Having the Big Three  out of the way provides you with the option of working on the other things on your super  long “to-do-whenever -I-can” list exactly then–whenever you can. That is a very liberating experience.  Utilizing the  simple approach of TBT leads to less-stress. And by now you should know what less stress leads to….

A more remarkable you!

I hope you had a great day!


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