We Are Always Saying Something–Your Smile (P1)

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Did you know that you are always saying something even when you’re not saying anything at all? You may have heard this before,  “We can’t NOT communicate” and it is a fact.  What this means is whether we are speaking or not, we are always saying something. We speak with our body language, our facial expressions, our dress, our gestures, our possesions–everything about us is saying something about us and who we are every minute of the day. The question is, what are you saying? And more importantly, is it what you want to say about yourself?

What does your smile say?

We all know those people, the ones who never smile. Think fast, what is your honest feeling about those individuals? More than likely, it’s not positive. Now think of the people who do smile often and genuinely. What is your opinion of them? Chances are those folks generate a more positive response from you. You may even be visualizing him or her wearing a smile right now!

The reason is simple–the ability to genuinely smile at others says several positive things about you:

A smile lets others know that you’re ok.

When we sense that someone is down or not feeling well–because they aren’t smiling, if we care, we usually ask, “how’s it going?” or “is everything alright?” And if they tell us that things aren’t so great, we listen and offer kind words if necessary. But truth be told,  because we want to match their mood and not appear to be happy at their distress we actually bring ourselves down to show that we empathize with how they are feeling. While this is a great way to show that we care, it’s a real downer. When people don’t smile, a subtle, but very real negative energy is communicated. They are saying that they are not ok and you shouldn’t feel ok either.  Therefore,  when we do smile at someone it quickly communicates that they are allowed to  feel good because you feel good.

A smile let’s others know that they are ok–and everyone wants to be considered “Ok.”

When you smile at someone you are saying that you feel good about yourself and that they should feel good about themselves too because they are ok and how do I know I’m ok? Because you smiled at me. I must be!  A smile  instantly breaks down an invisible barrier between people and lowers our natural defenses. People respond more favorably to people who smile.

A genuine smile is the universal way of saying, “hello. I’m a friendly person. I’m ok and you’re ok too!”

Is this the message you want to send? If so, then smile=)

Have a great day!


2 Responses to “We Are Always Saying Something–Your Smile (P1)”
  1. Yes a smile is one of the most powerful tools we can use ……but it must reach your eyes.

    I once worked as a receptionist and one of the clients told my boss thst I had a smile in my voice. He gave me a raise for that comment from someone who had never met me.

    • Nicolette James says:

      They say when you work over the phone that you should smile even though the caller can’t see you because the smile comes through in your voice. You did it and got a raise for it too! That’s proof to me=)