Fitness Friday!–Don’t Drink Yourself Fat

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Happy Friday!

I want to ask you a question: Do you know how many calories it takes to gain or lose a pound? The answer is 3500. My second question is how many calories do you think you consume in a day? How about a week? My bet is that is that unless you are consciously watching your weight and logging your calories, you’re not sure and that can have serious repercussions over time.

Many of us only think of what we eat in terms of our caloric intake. We don’t consider what we drink to be that big of a deal, but those beverages we consume do add up–the latte in the morning, the cup of OJ, the Dr. Pepper–it all counts. For example, 1 bottle of regular Snapple has approximately 120 calories per 8 ounce serving, and guess how many servings are in a bottle? Two–that’s 240 calories right there! Do you know how many calories the average snack should be? 150-200 calories and again, chances are you didn’t drink that bottle of Snapple as a snack. You washed your snack down with it.

For those of us who do calculate our meals or count our calories, we budget for 250-350 calories per meal, but we don’t consider the extra 200 sitting next to it in that cup or bottle to be a part of the calculations.

I’ve seen it first hand–a friend ordering a salad, or egg whites and whole wheat toast or some other good-for-you-low- calorie meal and then sit there guzzling glasses of orange juice, cranberry juice, soda, or punch. What she just saved in actually eating, she made up for in drinking. She ate 400 calories (and felt very proud doing so) only to top it off with another 400 calories! That is equivalent to eating an entire second meal. I ate my waffle and drank my water (and felt quite happy with it too!) Again, I can only speak for myself, but I prefer to eat–as in chew–my calories because I can drink all day long and still not feel full.

My advice for those of you, who like me, prefer to chew on food  is to do yourself a favor–watch what you drink. Water is always the best choice. Next to that a low-calorie drink (usually sweetened with Aspartame) is the lighter alternative. Making that simple switch can save you anywhere from 600-1200 calories a week. Without making any other changes to your diet  or exercise, you could lose 10 pounds a year!  Being 10 pounds lighter would make most of us feel a whole lot better physically and when we feel better physically, we tend to feel better mentally and emotionally and when we feel better all around we tend to be more….what?

You guessed it, more remarkable!

Get out there and do something great this weekend!

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