How Much Water Should You Drink?

April 15, 2011 by  
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5 Responses to “How Much Water Should You Drink?”
  1. lucymonchat says:

    The Eyes are the Windows of the soul.

  2. I have neglected my water intake and now my skin is bone dry. I like the idea of marking off the amount of water to drink per hour as it would make it seem less intimidating for those of us who do not like to drink water.
    I believe this would work for me.

  3. Kimberly LaCrette says:

    Hmm I didn’t even think of that strategy… I’ve been trying to increase my daily intake, but I keep craving juice or ginger ale :-/. I hate the taste of cold water so I have to warm it up a little (or leave it out until it’s room temperature) and then squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice into my 32oz bottle. For some reason when I use a straw, it gets down faster. If I don’t do these things, forget about it! I would drink cold/plain water only if I was stranded in the Sahara Desert.

    • I can’t drink cold water either. It’s very hard unless it’s 90 degrees out and you’ve just finished a run. They say drinking cold water helps boost your metabolism because your body tries to warm up the water, but I say cold, warm or hot, the benefits are still the same so no matter how you take it, the important thing is that you do.