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Are you really living  because you’re alive or living just because you’re not dead?

We aren’t here on earth to simply go to school to get a job, work through our days, sleep through our nights, go out on the weekends and do it all over again for 80-90 years and then die.

We are here to live our purpose. We are here to achieve our dreams and to leave the world a better place while doing so. We are here to create a legacy and to be joyful while doing it.

How do we know when we are really living purposefully and not just living because we’re not dead?

Ask yourself these questions:

If I could do what I want to do, have what I want to have and be what I want to be without any risk of failure, what would I want to do, be and have?

Think about it seriously. What do you want way down deep in your soul? What makes you feel alive?

Then think about this: Would you prefer to live your life always wanting to do those things or actually doing, being or having them? Would you prefer to risk failure by attempting to accomplish your dreams or to certainly fail by never trying?

When we don’t try, we’ve already failed. When we do try, we certainly risk failure, but we also put ourselves in a position to succeed. So why not try, learn from our failures and move on to our successes?

Really living takes risks. There are no guarantees. But as I’ve learned, failing can be fun.  Failing teaches us what works and what doesn’t and challenges us to come up with something else–something better, something that does work. The trick is to fail fast so we can learn those lessons and keep it moving.

So what are you waiting for? There are things to do, be and have.

Let’s go out there and get ’em and… remarkable while we’re at it!

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