Are Your Friends Repping You Well?

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“Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” At least that’s what they say.

They also say that if you take any person and take a look at their 5 closest friends, they will resemble him or her in significant ways–likes & dislikes, eating or spending habits, tastes and preferences, thought patterns and other behaviors that are strong indicators of his or her beliefs about themselves.

Think about your 5 closest friends and judge for yourself. What do they say about you?

It is a fact that your friends either pull you ¬†up or bring you down. They support you or they sabotage you. If you hang out with someone who doesn’t watch what they eat, chances are they aren’t going to support you in watching what you eat. They’ll think it’s fine if you “have another one” or “live a little.” If you hang out with people who aren’t trying to advance themselves in any way, it’s almost certain that they won’t see the value in your actively seeking to advance yourself and almost just as certain that they will try to persuade you to “Take it easy” or “Don’t take life so seriously.” Like them.

On the other hand, if your friends are people who are conscious of the choices they make, they will encourage you to make good choices too. If they are folks who watch how they spend money, you will think twice about inviting them on a shopping spree because they may try to talk you out of it. If your friends are upward bound, and really true friends, they aren’t trying to leave you behind. They are trying to take you with them. We can’t help it, we all influence each other. The question is how are we influencing others? And more importantly, how are they influencing us?



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