Keep Your Pants Up–You’re Hurting My Eyes!

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I cannot wait for the fad of sagging pants to go out of style. I am so sick of seeing guys wearing their pants around their behinds and walking like penguins just to show off their underwear. Additionally, I am equally as sick of seeing women walking around exposing their butt cracks to all mankind.

I don’t know exactly when the “see-my-butt”  thing became an acceptable trend, but it needs to stop. If you are not “Joe the plumber” crouching over to fix the leak under my sink, I do not want to see the crack of your behind--not that I want to see his either, but I do my best to avoid the horror of  his and I don’t want to be subjected to yours!

Of course I am preaching to the choir because remarkable women do not wear pants that they can’t bend over or sit down in without fear of full or half-mooning innocent bystanders. For those still considering where you want to fall on the spectrum of “remarkability,” there is a general rule of thumb regarding pants, especially on the j-o-b, “if they’re too low, they’re a no-no.”

Trust me, I have major issues buying pants. Almost all of them never fit right because of my shape. If a pair fits in the waist, they don’t fit on the hip. If it fits on the hip, it’s too big in the thighs. If they fit nicely on my behind, there’s a  huge gap in the back. It’s always something. There are very few pants that I can buy off the rack and not have to take to the tailor for alteration, so I get it. Finding pants that fit perfectly are a challenge for most women. I do have some low-riders that I love because they eliminate all that fuss of  fitting on the waist because they rest nicely on my hips, but I also know that they are low-riders and that if I move too much–up, down or sideways, something is going to pop out that shouldn’t seen by anyone that I am not in love with–and that’s pretty much everyone on my job (and everywhere else). For times like those, I make sure I am wearing a tank top either under my blouse and tucked into my pants or under my top as an additional layer that I pull over my pants. In both cases, I’m covered–literally and figuratively.

As much as some females think exposing one’s butt cleavage is cute or attractive, I haven’t seen an attractive butt crack yet! Whether it’s subtly peeking out of your pant top, or comes roaring out of its rayon cage as you reach over to pull something out of the file cabinet, showing the crack of one’s behind is not workplace appropriate and should be avoided at all costs.

As I said, I know this probably doesn’t apply to you all, but feel free to tell your friends that we don’t like it!

What do you think? Is it just me? Am I overreacting? Leave your comment in the box below. No time to leave a comment on a  blog post? That’s ok, read it, tweet it and share it  on fb!


7 Responses to “Keep Your Pants Up–You’re Hurting My Eyes!”
  1. Shirley James says:

    This is one of my Pet Peeves about the annoying things that people (especially men and boys) do.

  2. Erin says:

    I see guys’ butt cracks more than girls’. Everytime a guy works on something mechanical, wears board shorts, or crouches down to fix the VCR, etc. you see their butt crack. No one seems to care, but if it’s a woman people say terrible things about her.

    • Nicolette James says:

      Hi Erin,
      I hear you! Don’t get me wrong. I am just as offended by the guys I see too. But to specify, I am thinking more in terms of it being inappropriate for the workplace or being displayed purposefully. Do you disagree? I would love to hear more about what you think on the issue? Should it be “ok” for both? Is it not that big of a deal to warrant mentioning? What do you think?

      • Erin says:

        Sorry – didn’t mean to come off as snippy. I just feel like it’s so normal to see a guys’s butt crack when they crouch down – my brothers, my guy friends, the “cool” hipster guy down the street, the mechanic who works on my car, etc. No, I don’t like it at all but I realize it’s a human thing that probably occasionally happens to everyone (it happens to my brother everyday and I think he has no clue). I’ve definitely seen in at the workplace too. The barista at the coffee shop near my house ALWAYS has about two inches of hairy crack showing – it’s horrible.

        I think it’s unfair the way if a girl’s butt crack shows people assume all kinds of negative things, even if it’s just an accident (which it is sometimes).

        However, I agree when you see a guy purposefully sagging his pants below his underwear, it’s really obnoxious and rude. In a way, the entire boxers are worse than the butt crack, because you know they’re doing it on a purpose. I see a guy crouch down to pick something up and an inch of butt crack pops out, I can look away and chalk it up to an unfortunate accident, but when you see some guy walking around with his pants at his knees and his entire crusty underwear showing – it’s way more disturbing. Same goes for girls – an inch of crack by accident occasionally is no big deal, but when your pants are almost all the way down and all you have on is a skimpy thong or worse – nothing – than that is disgraceful.

        So, anyway, my long winded point is that in many cases when butt crack is hanging out – by men or women – it’s an accident. I try to reserve judgement, and definitely don’t assume the girl is a four letter word, or any worse than the guy for letting it happen. These people deserve to be laughed at, no doubt, but not much else. But if someone is clearly showing off or doing it on purpose, then I’m with you 100%

        • Nicolette James says:

          Hi Erin, thanks for responding and you didn’t sound snippy–I’m glad you contributed. I do want to note that for many people it does happen accidentally and that I can understand (it has happened to me–which is why I know it is something to be on the look out for and prevent so that it doesn’t continue to happen). I think it’s clear when it happens that way and I don’t think negatively of the people (guy or gal) that this has happened to, but like you said, it’s when it happens repeatedly to the point where you know the person must know that when they wear certain pants that it is going to happen, but they don’t seem to care because they don’t consider exposing that area as inappropriate–these are the people I find offensive. I just feel that it’s very rude and disrespectful. Idk but I consider my butt crack private and not for public viewing. Lol…don’t get me started on the “crusty underwear.” That “style” is so obnoxious!! I feel bad that your eyes are being assaulted by your barista on a daily basis. Not only is he showing butt crack, but it’s hairy too–ewww!:)

  3. Erin says:

    Yeah, the worst part is he’s a really nice guy and I don’t think he’s aware – I don’t have the heart to tell him! I feel like it would be more embarassing coming from a girl.

    It sounds like we’re on the same page. I’ve had the problem happen to me too and I hope people understood it was an accident.

    You’re right – it is clear when someone is doing it on purpose. I also find it really obnoxious when a girl where’s a shirt so low cut, you can pretty much see her entire breasts. I have a hard time respecting that person.