Discovering YOU (P5)

May 25, 2011 by  
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What  3 values did you select? Similar to the other questions, ask us on any given day and our answers  might be different depending on our mood, but in fact our true values do not change. They remain the same because they are the ones we act on. Those are the values that communicate and shape who we are. They are the values that create the “self” that others see. Are the values you say are important to you the values you demonstrate?  Ask someone you know to tell you what they think are 3 important values to you. The answers could be very revealing!

Today’s prompts are:
  1. List 3 things that make you different from everyone you know.
  2. If you won a million dollars, but could only keep half of it because you had to donate the other half to a charity, what charity would you donate it to?
  3. List 3 things you are afraid of doing that you would want to do if you weren’t afraid.

Here are my responses:

* 3 things that make me different are my thoughts, the things I say to myself about myself and my actions. I don’t think the things, say the things or do the things that most of the people I know think, say and do.
* If I had to give away half of my million, I’d have to split it up between charities that support women, animals and education.
* I love the idea of skydiving, mountain climbing and white water rafting.


One Response to “Discovering YOU (P5)”
  1. Ohhh of Team Ohhh says:

    * 3 things that make me different from people I know is the way I dress, my personality and my mind.

    * If I had to give away half of my million, I would donate to charities that advocate arts education in school.

    * I love the idea of everything involving heights, that’s about it.