Discovering YOU (P6)

May 27, 2011 by  
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For the past week, we’ve been responding to questions about ourselves. Did you discover something new about yourself? Did you remember something that you’d forgotten? Did making your responses public force you think a bit more about them? Doing so was challenging for me and I think about who I am quite often. If you are just joining the series, you can still hop on from the beginning¬†(P1). I’d love to read your responses!
A great indicator of who we are is what we aspire to do, so we’re going to end the series today by declaring our goals. It is a fact that when you share your goals with others who are supportive of ¬†you, your accomplishment rate goes way up! Try it out!
  1. List a goal that you want to achieve in 3 days
  2. 3 weeks
  3. 3 months

Here are my responses:

Over the next 3 days I want to complete the draft of my new business proposal

Within the next 3 weeks I want to record and publish a video

Within the next 3 months I plan to launch a teleseminar and a webinar series

What are your goals? Share them below and let’s hold each other accountable for accomplishing them!


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