Someone is stealing from you. His name is Procrastination.

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“How soon ‘not now’ becomes never.” Martin Luther

We all know how easy it is to say “I’ll do it later.” The thing about later is that it’s always later, and later and later. Until it eventually becomes “never.” Procrastination is a thief because it steals our time and it steals our peace. It creates a false sense of having more time available to us in some unforeseen future, which is untrue.

Putting off the things we have to do only results in unnecessary stress because the time will come where you can’t put it off any longer and you’ll be forced to deal with whatever it is or you simply won’t do it. The downside to putting it off is that it often means dealing with a time constraint, working around someone else’s schedule or having limited energy with which to complete the task. All producing stress that could have been avoided if we simply went ahead and did what it was that we put off until “later.”

We obviously think we’ll have more time “later” than we have “now” or we wouldn’t relegate so many tasks to it, but the truth is there is no later. There is only now and how we spend each moment. Decide how you want to invest your time and then follow through on your decisions. If there is something important that absolutely must be done, don’t bargain with it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be better prepared for it or more enthusiastic about completing it at another time. Chances are you’ll feel exactly the same way about it then as you do now. So as the Nike slogan dictates, “Just do it” and get it done. If the task is one that you actually CAN’T do now because you don’t have the information, resources, or man-power needed to complete the it, schedule it for a specific time–don’t just banish it to the elusive “later”–and plan to have everything you need on hand or you still won’t be able to address it at that time.

My advice is stop making “later” such a dreadful place by stockpiling it with all of the tasks that you’d rather not do. Tackle them now and free up later. In reality, you’ll be making more time for now.

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