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Do you aspire to be more, do more and live more remarkably, but are not sure of exactly how?




Let me, Nicolette aka Ms. N*Powered, guide you! As a certified goals coach and leadership trainer, I have been on the personal growth track since I was just 12-years-old and certainly have a lot to share with you.

I am the “N” behind the power at N*Powered Women, a non-profit organization I founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of coaching women who are eager to take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary by establishing and accomplishing life-altering goals.

With a long-held interest in empowering education, I have always been passionate about training women to be successful, and through my teaching, I have gained access and opportunities to work with women in this capacity. I have over 10 years of experience coaching women who are on the move and on the rise—young professionals who are up and coming in school or on the job as well as women entering, returning to work or who are well on their way to taking the world by storm.

I coach women and girls in the areas of self-esteem, productivity & self-management, weight-loss and maintenance, workplace preparation, leadership, entrepreneurial exploration, effective communication & body language, emotional intelligence, goal acquisition and much more.

The backbone of my down-to-earth, no-nonsense coaching style is my life experience. Most of what I teach and coach stems from the hard-won wisdom gained from my own challenges, successes and setbacks. So I know how to “keep it real and still be remarkable.”

I am a huge advocate of paying it forward and I believe that anyone who is blessed has the responsibility of being a blessing to others– and that’s what I strive for.

While I genuinely love helping women, I am not a coach for the wimpy who have no clue where they are or where they want to be. On the contrary, I work with those who are ready and willing to transform their lives. I live by the adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” And for those of you who are willing, I am excited and equipped to guide you every step of the way as your GPS to shining success!

Ultimately, I aspire to reach my fullest potential by educating, motivating and supporting women in achieving their goals and living their dreams in all facets of their lives. I desire to see all women creating the lives they want and deserve, and, most importantly, being as remarkable as they can be!


4 Responses to “Meet Me”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Wow Ms.N you’re are so inspirational. Your website is amazing.

  2. Tamesha says:

    This is GREAT! reading this was so impactful. when I look at you I see so many characteristics of the woman that im working to become. I just want to be the change I wish to see. Have you ever been so overwelmed with a passion for something that you cant explain it?! thats how I felt as I was reading this… true inspiration!

    • Nicolette James says:

      Wow Tamesha! That means so much to me! I am so glad that you quoted one of my favorites, “Be the change you wish to see” because it is such an awesome quote to aspire to live by. I am also inspired by the fact that you find the information motivating because that is my goal–educate, motivate, influence–Good to know it’s working. Please spread the word and help me build an army of remarkable women!