Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind

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The thoughts you associate with food can actually determine whether or not you lose weight or gain weight. Click here to listen to today’s audioblog on: How Changing the Way Your Think About Food Can Help You Lose Weight

Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Plan with these 3 Easy Tips

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Have you been keeping your weight loss or maintenance promises? Are you still on track or have you fallen off the weight loss wagon?
Boost your resolve or get back in gear with 3 easy tips!

Listen here: 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss

Why That Salad is Making You Fat (and You Might as Well Have the Pizza You Know You Want)

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A co-worker and I were going out for lunch the other day so I asked her what she felt like eating. She said she was on a “diet” and wasn’t having anything except salad until she loses 15 pounds. I wondered when she started this diet and how long she planned to be on it because it didn’t seem to be working out so far, but I kept my mouth shut.  I, personally, was feeling for some pizza.

We returned with our meals–she with a crispy chicken cesar salad with extra ranch dressing, croutons and bacon, me with two small slices of cheese pizza. When we were done, she complained that she was still hungry, but felt good about the fact that she was sticking to her diet. I, on the other hand, was stuffed. Actually, I’m lying. I could have had another slice of pizza, not because I was still hungry, but because I love pizza and can easily eat 3 slices. But I restrained myself (only because I only had the two slices).

Still, who do you think enjoyed her meal more? Me, of course. Who, however, felt like she was “dieting” and secretly wished for a nice cheesy slice of pizza? My friend. Who actually consumed fewer calories–the entire point of dieting–to cut calories? I did (Surpised?). Who thinks they did? My friend. Ok, ok, so, what’s my point?

My point is…

Salads Are Not Always Diet Food

Eating out at restaurants while dieting is almost always risky to begin with. Most of the meals are full of fat and calories, and it is hard to tell which are best. Unless the restaurant offers some nutrition information, it is tempting to order a salad. After all, we tend to think that salad is just lettuce and a few other healthy vegetables and maybe some chicken, how bad can that be?

Well, depending on the salad, it can be very bad. A lot of restaurant salads are loaded with fat and sugar and are not necessarily the best choice for a diet meal.

Salad Dressings can Ruin Your Diet Meal

Aside from the actual contents in the salad, the biggest calorie addition to that simple lettuce and tomato combo is salad dressing. Salad dressings are often loaded with fat and sugar. The low fat varieties usually have even more sugar to make up for the missing fat. Try these suggestions when ordering restaurant salad dressings.

  • Choose low fat dressings whenever possible and check the fat and calorie counts if they are available. Sometimes you can get this information at the restaurant or you can Google it.
  • Ask for dressings on the side. When you order your dressing on the side, you can more easily control the amount you eat.
  • Use dressing sparingly or you can even enjoy the salad natural without any dressings. Or, you can ask for the balsamic vinaigrette (which is often the least of the evils you can opt for).

Salad Toppings Come with a Price

You also need to watch out for those tasty high calorie ingredients and toppings on the salad. Many salads come dressed with high fat ingredients like bacon, toasted nuts and fried croutons. While these ingredients are usually used in small amounts, they can still add a significant number of calories to what stated out as a good idea.

Nuts are particularly troublesome. Natural nuts are a valuable source of natural fats, vitamins and minerals and are usually considered a healthy food when eaten in moderation. The nuts found on most restaurant salads are not in their natural state, however. The often have been toasted in butter or oil and may have been coated with a sugar glaze. Yummy, but not good if you are trying to lose weight.

High Calorie Meats Don’t Belong on Your Salad

If you ordered chicken, shrimp or other meat toppings on your salad, you most likely don’t know how it was really prepared unless you prepared it.  Assume that any breaded meat (like the one my colleague ordered) has been fried.  A “healthy” salad becomes a diet trap when topped with slices of crispy fried chicken or shrimp that were sautéed in butter. If anything, stick to the grilled chicken or plain tuna.

If you are careful and keep your salad and dressing light, salads can be an excellent diet meal or snack. But it is wrong to assume that all salads are healthy choices just because there’s lettuce in there somewhere. It turns out that with all of the “extras” on my co-workers salad, it averaged around 600 calories, while my 2 slices of pizza came in at about 400. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather eat pizza over salad any day!

Remember, something healthy can be made unhealthy and something you think may be unhealthy, may actually be a better option! So, go ahead and have the pizza. Just don’t have 3 slices!!

If this post made sense to you, share it with someone else. If it didn’t, share your thoughts with me. Tell me why in the comment box below. Either way, sharing is sexy=)

Easy Ways to Eat Your Vegetables!

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Weight Loss Without Exercise–WHAT???

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[audio:http://be-remarkable.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Weight-Loss-Without-Exercise.mp3|titles=Weight Loss Without Exercise]

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