Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

This Saturday, a few friends and I met for our monthly book club discussion. Earlier in the day, one of them mentioned to me that she didn’t really feel up to going because there were some things bothering her and as a result she just wasn’t in the mood. Because of the blues, she was tempted to stay home and wallow in her sorrows. While it would have been easy to let her off the hook (I was in the same mood when we spoke), I decided not to and urged her to come out with us. Thankfully, I was able to convince her because we both agreed that we had a great time.

At the end of the evening we both learned that it’s easy to let problems or challenges get the better of us. We often allow them to keep us down or trapped in the doldrums. It’s easy to think that dwelling on what’s wrong will somehow help to make it better, but it doesn’t. If anything, it only magnifies our problems. What we need to remember is that we can’t let what’s wrong keep us from celebrating what’s right and we can’t let the bad things going on around us to stop us from taking the time to engage in the activities that make us happy. No matter what is going on, we can’t allow the circumstances or the people involved in them to steal our joy. We’ve got to be confident in the fact that no matter what it is, “this too will pass” and that if anything, the problems or the people causing them will be around for a little while longer, so we might as well not make them our sole focus.

My friend and I had a great time socializing over good books and good food and we were all the better for it. If we had stayed home, racking our minds about the challenges we are facing, we would have only been giving more strength to those issues. By ignoring them, even for a little while, we were able to diminish them.

Our problems only have as much power over us as we give them. Therefore, we need to remember to take time out to take care of ourselves because it takes their power away.

Be on the look-out!!! The joy thieves are out there. They don’t have any joy of their own so they are determined to steal yours. Knowing that, be forewarned and forearmed. Keep yours guarded and don’t let them have it!!

Have a great week!

Why Your Mindset Matters Most

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What does it take to be successful?

Some would also say that success is a natural result of planning, preparation and focused action. I know because I would be one of them. However, there is another side to experiencing success that happens before any planning or preparation takes place on paper. It’s the planning and preparation that takes place in your mind. 

Have you ever wondered how two people can attempt the same objective in the same way and only one of them succeed?  Is it luck?  Timing?  Tenacity?  More often than not, it’s a person’s mindset that determines whether they fail or succeed.

What is a mindset? 

Typically a mindset refers to your predominant state of mind day to day.  It’s what you think about, focus on, and expect from your daily experiences.  If you think negatively, expect the worst, and feel pessimistic about your options, you’ll draw those negatives into your life.  Likewise, when you think positively, expect the best and focus on successful outcomes, you get more of that more often than not. The concept is summed up nicely in the quote, “You get what you expect.”

Makes sense, right?  But how exactly does this work?  Why is a success mindset so important?  There are three major reasons:

1)  A success mindset boosts your confidence and self-belief.

When you lack belief in who you are and your ability, it usually comes along with a sense of powerlessness and futility. This is a defeatist mindset. It is the exact opposite of a success mindset.  Lack of confidence means you see no point in trying to be successful or to accomplish something worthwhile because you think it won’t happen anyway.  This type of mindset is a recipe for failure in any endeavor because as they say, “If you think you can’t, you won’t.”

Having a truly positive mindset, on the other hand, means that you believe in yourself and your capabilities.  You believe you can succeed at nearly anything and you are at least willing to try.  Even better, you realize that the more you do try, the more confidence and self-belief you build.

2)  A success mindset strengthens your determination.

Without a mindset of success, one failure (in anything) is enough to convince you that pursuing any of your goals is a waste of time. If you don’t achieve your goal/s the first time you try, you rationalize that it simply wasn’t meant to be and you give up.

A success mindset, however, does not accept failure as the end of the story – it’s just one more way that didn’t work out the way you planned.  In fact, a true success mindset accepts that the only true failure occurs when you stop trying.

3)  A success mindset encourages fruitful actions.

Have you ever found yourself going around in circles or procrastinating because you didn’t know the best way to approach a specific goal?  Maybe you wanted to get started, but you felt overwhelmed or intimidated by some of the action steps required.  As a result, you may have kept sabotaging your efforts as you searched in vain for an easier or less frightening way attempt your goal.

With a true success mindset, you’ll be less intimidated to get started on your goals because you’ll accept that the only way to start is at the beginning—one step at a time. You’ll also have the inner confidence and determination to pursue them.

So, how do you develop a success mindset?  Here are 3 tips.

1) Harness the power of your mind by thinking positively.

Catch yourself when you find  yourself thinking negatively. You think the thoughts—think positive, powerful thoughts.

2) Expect the best in every situation.

If it doesn’t happen, reflect on what went wrong and then let it go and commit to trying again.

3) Be willing to fail.

Prepare to fail quickly. Learn what didn’t work from the failure and continue trying until you learn what does work. Ben Franklin didn’t discover electricity on his first try.

Keep moving in the right direction and you won’t help but become successful, from the inside out.

What do you think? What are your tips for developing a success mindset?  Leave them in the comment box below.

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