Are You Minding Your Own Business?

Have you ever known anyone who never has anything to talk about except other people? Whether it’s people they know, think they know, don’t know, or even people on tv (who don’t know them), all they do is gossip and talk about others all day? We all do. I know I certainly do. All these negative people do is sit around bad-mouthing other people or carrying on about how “so and so” did this or “so and so” did that. You know exactly who I mean. The ones always cackling or crooning, “Ooh, look at what she’s wearing? Look at her hair or his shirt or his shoes or her dress.” “Did you see…? or “Let me tell you what she did yesterday…” I mean c’mon people. Give it a rest! Who really cares? If that is all you have to talk about, then you really need to get something to do so you would be less focused on “so and so” and their life and more focused on yourself and your life.

The thing with people who spend most of their time talking about how much other people don’t have it together is that they are only proving that they really don’t have it together themselves. They think that all that talk shows how “with it” they are or how much they “got it going on.” But the truth is, people who really got it going on or are trying to get it together, don’t have time to talk about other people because they are too busy doing their own thing to worry about what other people are doing, wearing or saying or not doing, not wearing or not saying. And I definitely know that no celebrities are sitting around talking about you and me. That’s for sure! So why should I spend my time talking about them? The bottom line is, talk is cheap. And if that’s all you spend time doing, you are not spending your time doing much of anything worth any value.

When you spend time gossiping about other people, you are taking time away from your own self development and improvement. You are allowing your focus to shift from your goals and dreams and what you could be working on concerning your own growth and directing your energies towards people, who more often than not, don’t give a rat’s rear about you! I am willing to bet anyone that the people you spend your time running your mouth about don’t spend the same amount of time, if any at all, talking about you. That’s because you and your life is not important to them. They have better things to do–like work on their own life–and the fact of the matter is, you should too.

If you feel the need to focus on someone else’s life–what they have and what they are doing and how they look and who their baby daddy is or what they had to eat at their party or where they went this weekend or who liked their status on facebook and whatever else is going on with them–to the point where they are the topic of your conversation on a daily basis, chances are you are just a hater and all of that gossip parading as “I’m better than him/her/them” is really just masking the envy under all that negativity. And if that’s the case, you are certainly not going to get whatever it is you wish you had with idle chit chat. Why not try getting up, getting out and making good things happen for yourself instead of talking about what is happening with everyone else.

Unless you are a news anchor for ABC 7 or working for TMZ, let the phrase “Mind your own business” apply to you. Literally, start taking care of your own life and get your nose out of other people’s lives. If you don’t have much of a life to talk about, get one! It is definitely a lot harder than sitting around talking about other people, but take it from me, it’s also a lot more rewarding.

Be Blessed and Be Remarkable!