The Ultimate To-Do List

Anyone who shares advice on organization, effective planning  or time management who does not advocate creating some type of to-do list should be regarded with suspicion. Can we get along without one? Sure, but it just isn’t possible to be as effective or efficient as we can be without one. There are tons of books, blogs and podcasts on the various ways to do this. Too many to review. Just this weekend, I checked out all of the new apps available on the iPhone for creating a To-do list. Even with the plethora of apps and organizational planning tools  and systems out there, the method I prefer to use is what I call TBT–The Big Three– a great strategy for pen and paper or electronic device–which is always  good.


No matter which additional system of list-making you choose to employ, you absolutely MUST incorporate this strategy if you would like to take your daily productivity to the next level.

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Planning for the Week–Strategy #3

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

So you’ve got  your events, activities and tasks for the week scheduled and noted on your calendar and  your t0-do list. You’ve got your 5-6 outfits laid out and ready to go. Well, you’re 75% closer to having a less-stressed week. The last step that you have to take to “meet your week like you know it’s coming” is what I am sharing today in strategy #3–Plan and prepare your meals for your week.

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Plan for the Expected–Strategy #2

On Monday, we were discussing meeting the week as though we know it’s coming and planning for the expected. I shared Strategy #1–schedule your events–write down wherever you need to be and whatever you need to do–And then show up or do it! Don’t put it on paper if you aren’t going to honor it. We need to be as vigilant about the commitments we make to ourselves as those we make to others. This simple strategy will help you do the things that you say you will do and remember the things you need to do. It’s also a nifty step that will prepare you for the next strategy.

Strategy #2:  Assemble your wardrobe for the week

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Meet the Week Like You Know It’s Coming

Hey everybody!

I hope you enjoyed your  weekend! Here we are: Happy Monday!(Sorry this wasn’t out earlier today)

We all  know it’s coming every seven days –Monday morning– and we also know that once the week starts it’s hard to sit down to plan anything because we’re usually so caught up in the events and activities of each day that we don’t have time to think. Before we know it, it’s Friday and we’re wondering where the week went along with all the things we wanted to accomplish.

This endless cycle of simply dealing with the events of the day as they come up is like being on a hamster wheel and unless we decide to get off of it, it’s easy to keep running. So, how do we stop the approaching the week like a visitor who we didn’t know it was coming ?

How do we plan for greater efficiency, productivity and success?

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Start, Stop, Continue…

February 23, 2011 by  
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I am starting, well, re-starting my Habit a Day program–Every day, I will focus on a habit that I want to start, stop or continue. It’s very easy to do, but I have trouble sticking with it around this time of year. This time will be different though because I am taking my own advice. I am sharing my intention with everyone or anyone who would like to know about it (and perhaps join me). This way I will be accountable to many more people than just myself and my mom (she lets me off the hook very easily).

I usually take a break from my usual goal-oriented activities during the holiday season. I also loosen up the entire month of January to celebrate my birthday which means that I’m ready to start my resolutions on February 1st. This year, however, it didn’t quite happen that way. I’ve been on a mental and a physical break for most of February. Well, I can’t quite call it a break because it’s not so much that I’ve been “off” as I’ve been ruminating and figuring some things out. A lot has happened this year and although I’ve thought about some of it, I’ve been so caught up with going through most of it that I really haven’t taken the time to reflect on it to determine what I’ve learned from it and where I want to go with what I’ve learned. So you can say that’s what I’ve been doing for most of the month, but I’m ready to get back in the saddle!

Now that I’ve had some time to think and I’ve reflected on the lessons I’ve learned, I want to put that knowledge into action by affirming my commitment to “walking the talk” by writing about it here on this blog. In addition to sharing my insights and advice with everyone, I will document my own struggles and successes on my journey to lead a remarkable life and I hope you will share yours with me as well.

I plan to publish as systematically as I possibly can:

Each day (until I run out of them), I’ll tweet about a habit that I’d like to start, stop or continue.

Every week–Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday, I’ll post an article on some aspect of N*Powerment and I’ll update you on how I’m doing in Walking the Talk. I will also include a separate post about a random topic that will be found under My Musings.

I hope this schedule will be frequent enough to keep everyone informed and engaged. Let me know if it is (or isn’t)

I’ve had a nice time resting and ruminating, but I can’t wait to get started….again!

What habit would you like to start, stop or continue?

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